Kana DS

Learning Japanese writing on the Nintendo DS

28 August, 2008

New public release! [update]

New features and changes:
  • Completely new user interface
  • Added hiragana writing practice game (katakana will be added soon)
  • Added selectable difficulty level for the games
  • Game has been rebranded to "My Japanese Sensei"

Download the ROM (580KB)
Download DeSmuME emulator (Win/Mac/Linux)

PS: We are looking for a publisher to fund a commercial version of the game. Please contact us if you'd like to hear more about the project.

Edit: Updated ROM with ds.gba ROM for GBA-slot cards.


At 12:32, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I really like the new Hiragana writing app, but my handwriting is so bad that sometimes it doesn't recognize what I write :(

At 16:52, Anonymous Anonymous said...

This program looks really interesting but I can't get it to work on my supercard lite! :(

I've tried both patching programs I know of to no avail.

Has anyone gotten this working on a supercard lite before?


At 09:01, Anonymous DarkNekros said...

I have the same problem like 2nd anonymous in my supercard lite rumble. I've tried patching it changing all settings, but it doesn't work.
Same error trying without patching it.

At 12:43, Blogger Julio Gorgé said...

I will update the download to include a version for GBA-slot cards soon.

At 12:56, Blogger Julio Gorgé said...

Updated. Please use the .ds.gba ROM for GBA-slot flash cards, patching it also if required by your card.

At 14:48, Blogger ZacAttackCiT said...

Thanks for the slot-2 version!

I'm not sure how to use this new version though, do I need to change the file extension of the .ds.gba file to .nds before patching? Or something else?

At 14:54, Blogger Julio Gorgé said...

I'm not sure, as I don't have a slot-2 cartridge. I guess you might need to rename to whatever extension your patching program expects.. or not.

At 12:02, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Este es una nueva versión del KanaDS? o es una nueva app?

At 13:14, Anonymous Anonymous said...

The rom works on my ds although i can only acces reference and daily practice. Why can't i acces the other tabs???


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