Kana DS

Learning Japanese writing on the Nintendo DS

28 August, 2008

New public release! [update]

New features and changes:
  • Completely new user interface
  • Added hiragana writing practice game (katakana will be added soon)
  • Added selectable difficulty level for the games
  • Game has been rebranded to "My Japanese Sensei"

Download the ROM (580KB)
Download DeSmuME emulator (Win/Mac/Linux)

PS: We are looking for a publisher to fund a commercial version of the game. Please contact us if you'd like to hear more about the project.

Edit: Updated ROM with ds.gba ROM for GBA-slot cards.

18 August, 2008

Kana DS at Games Convention

Next week I'll be at Leipzig's Game Convention with my friend and industry colleague Nae, representing the DOID, a spanish game developers association. We are located at the GC Business Center, Halle 2, Stand D46.

Among other things, I will be showcasing the latest iteration of Kana DS to a select few. If you happen to be in the show too, you are welcomed to come by for a brief demo. Here's an appetizer:
I will post some pictures from the show when we get back.

04 August, 2008

Desarrollador_ES awards

On the 2nd August, the Desarrollador_ES awards were hand out at Campus Party, Valencia. These awards are the result of a collaboration between the DOID (spanish game developer association) and E3 Futura (the organization behind Campus Party).

Kana DS was nominated to best game in the category of vaporware innovation, but it was finally Doodle Hex (another DS game) from Tragnarion who took the prize for this category. You can check the full list of nominees and winners at Meristation.

I would like to thank the organization for nominating Kana DS. It has been a honor to be somehow considered on the same level as some of the coolest game development studios in Spain. Also, my congratulations to all the winners and nominees! .

Cookie goes to the first person able to spot me in this picture:

(I still have a pending post about the Games Convention :P)