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19 July, 2008

No luck with NextFun

NextFun is a program sponsored by Barcelona Media, started last year, that awards three 3000€ stipends to "the development of prototypes related to the entertainment industry" with the goal of "promoting research and development of recreational technology projects".

Since Kana DS seemed fit for the program's goals, I applied by sending the organizers a 40 page long business plan among other required documentation, on the 31st December of 2008. The projects awarded with the stipends should have been announced on January 31st. Somehow, the results were not disclosed until July 11st. Six months later. Sadly, Kana DS was not awarded. The winning project proposals are:
Project “Patakiu”: A virtual, interconnected community of puppets, able to communicate and interact between them and with their environment in real time.

Project “Gears”: Interactive system with an advanced interface allowing the manipulation of pre recorded video fragments, enabling the creation of new contents through an innovating edition procedure.

Project “Variable Audio”: Implementation of an an audio file format that, by using an ad-hoc player, would allow for the reproduction of a musical piece with automatically created variabilities.
Needless to say, the Kana DS project goes on. Expect a new blog update soon :)


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