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Learning Japanese writing on the Nintendo DS

27 December, 2007

December update

What's going on with the project? What have I been up to?

The academic course 07-08 is keeping me quite busy in fact. Besides being my last year in university, I'm also taking a 500-hour master in project management. However, even though my free time is close to zero, some progress has been done on the business side of Kana DS development.

We were very close to attend the Game Connection event in Lyon, thanks to the Level Up program. We ranked 6th among applicants, missing the cut for just one position. Although Lemon Team does not show up in the final results, I know we were 6th because I was contacted by the organizers in case one of the winners decided to drop. So, maybe next year..

I have also been writing a business plan for Lemon Team, based on Kana DS as its first product. It will be ready soon, just in time to apply for another program in multimedia innovation. I must say that writing a business plan is quite a time-consuming task, but in return you get solid information about its viability, main risks and weak points. It really helps to make you rethink the whole thing.

As for the status of the DS prototype, I can only say that it's going to be greatly improved as part of my final degree project, which involves research and implementation of an online handwriting recognition system for japanese characters. So far it's been mostly research, reading papers about the topic, and more paperwork. This can be quite boring, but this formal approach will eventually pay off and provide better results based on solid knowledge.

Next update will probably come in february. The iPhone SDK is going to be unveiled around that date, which might offer some opportunities for japanese-learning applications. Again, thanks again to the people who are showing their interest on this project via e-mails and comments.


At 16:26, Anonymous Exeleration-G said...

I'm rly excited to see the update of KanaDS!

At 23:20, Anonymous AgeR said...

Contratulations for your 6th place at the Level Up program! That's a lot! This really proves your good and hard work.

I hope Kana DS will find its way to the market and become a new best seller for the DS.


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