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Learning Japanese writing on the Nintendo DS

16 October, 2007

Still alive!

I am sorry for the news draft, but studies and work have kept me away from Kana DS. So, what's new about the project?

On one side, I'm working on a business plan for possible investors/publishers, as this is the only way I could get this 100% finished some day. Will I find financial support? Hard to say.. but I will keep trying, as I have little to lose and much to learn.

On the other side, I can now confirm that I will further develop Kana DS as part of my Computer Science degree's final project. Specifically, I will keep working on the hand-writing recognition stuff, but in a more scientific approach under the supervision of my tutor. We are also planning to release some updates as we make progress during this course.

Lastly, thanks for the all your e-mails, I wish I could devote all my time to this and deliver this great app to all of you but you will have to be patient. Oh, some art that *might* make it into the game:

PD: I must admit I ripped off the overall style from Mr's artwork, gotta love his Heidi-like girls. Some links(probably NSFW):



At 23:18, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hmm, a pretty big decision. But good luck.

Also, the gradient on the picture make her a bit too flat. Watch his (excellent) art closely! ;)

At 03:25, Anonymous Anonymous said...

La copia del estilo de Mr. es demasiado evidente... Espero que no te metas en problemas con eso.

At 14:29, Blogger Julio GorgĂ© said...

Above poster said:

"MR's style rip-off is evident... I hope you don't get into trouble because of that"

You are right. However, I might only use that artwork for a non-commercial prototype, which shouldn't hurt anybody.


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