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19 July, 2007

Progress on KaTool

Hi everybody! I'm still working on KaTool, the gesture database management app for Kana DS. It is now almost complete: it already implements all the intended features, only lacking some polishment regarding usability.

The following screenshot depicts the 'test' mode, where you can draw a gesture on the right side of the document window, and check whether it matches the gesture on the left or not.

And this is the new application icon, in the style of the old MX 2004 Macromedia suite ( I hate the new CS3 family icons):

By the way, next week I will introduce the Kana DS project to some fellas in the mega LAN-party Campus Party in Valencia, Spain ( 5,500+ attendees). If you are attending the party and you want a hands-on impression about Kana DS or KaTool, feel free to drop me a line!


At 19:02, Anonymous Anonymous said...


i just came across your blog and not 100% sure what this project your working on is... are you developing a program to write/read hiragana/katakana and kanji? I'm looking for a NDS program that does this but there doesn't seem to be anything on the market....

At 19:12, Anonymous Jeremy said...

HI Julio

How are you? Great job with developing the KANA DS program. I have clicked on the download latest release icon and saved the "alpha01 kana.zip", but i am not sure how to put it onto my nintendo DS... could you please advise me how to do this. Your help would be much appreciated

At 21:16, Blogger YourPadre The Destroyer said...

jeremy --> KanaDS is a homebrew application. You need special hardware for runging. I like www.r4ds.com.

Just copy the file into memory/r4ds, boot, select file, enjoy.

At 10:57, Anonymous Razii Jinx said...

Oh! This is so impressive! Please continue and finish! I just downloaded the app for my DS and I'm very impressed!

I cannot wait for you to finish!

At 02:04, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Thanks yourpadre the destroyer

i will try it...


At 18:50, Blogger Raquel said...


I saw your presentation at Campus Party. I found your work and your presentation great!

Good luck.

At 19:16, Blogger Julio Gorgé said...

Thanks everybody! I will update the blog soon with some pics from Campus Party '07 ;-)

At 02:14, Anonymous Anonymous said...

um...i don't get how to download Kana DS onto my DS.
that www.r4ds.com site...i don't get it.
can you explain further?

At 10:12, Blogger Julio Gorgé said...

Hi, currently you need a flashcart to run Kana DS on your DS.

You should simply download the alpha version (work in progress) from the following site, and then copy it into your flashcart:



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