Kana DS

Learning Japanese writing on the Nintendo DS

30 July, 2007

Kana DS earns 'best game project' award

I'm proud to announce that Kana DS was declared winner in the 'game project' competition at the latest edition of Campus Party in Valencia, Spain.

I'm really happy about this award, as it shows that the project is generating interest even amongst those that are not currently learning japanese. Again, many thanks to my friends, fellow developers and project supporters!!! ;-)


19 July, 2007

Progress on KaTool

Hi everybody! I'm still working on KaTool, the gesture database management app for Kana DS. It is now almost complete: it already implements all the intended features, only lacking some polishment regarding usability.

The following screenshot depicts the 'test' mode, where you can draw a gesture on the right side of the document window, and check whether it matches the gesture on the left or not.

And this is the new application icon, in the style of the old MX 2004 Macromedia suite ( I hate the new CS3 family icons):

By the way, next week I will introduce the Kana DS project to some fellas in the mega LAN-party Campus Party in Valencia, Spain ( 5,500+ attendees). If you are attending the party and you want a hands-on impression about Kana DS or KaTool, feel free to drop me a line!

07 July, 2007

KaTool - early screenshot

I want to give you a first glance at the symbol/gesture editor. As I have explained in previous posts, this application will let me build the handwritten kana/kanji symbol database for Kana DS. I'm using J2SE 5.0/Swing in Xcode. Here's how it looks so far:

Some notes:
  • The user interface is far from finished. Placing the widgets is quite a hard task in Swing, so for the time being I'm using the simplest possible layouts. I will polish the UI later.
  • There is a main window that holds a custom "GridPanel" component. This new component can have any number of columns or rows. Now I'm using a 11x5 distribution, to match the hiragana/katakana character sets.
  • Clicking on any of the grid's placeholders opens a new document window, when you can edit the corresponding symbol.
I'm sorry for the slow development pace, but I must pay attention to other projects as well. Hopefully I will be able to spam about them in the coming weeks.

PD: Thanks for all the comments. It really encourages me to keep working on this :)